The Impact of Rising Interest Rates: What You Should Know for 2024

Don't let rising interest rates stress you out! City & County Credit Union is here to guide you through the 2024 interest rate landscape with clear knowledge and practical tips.

Feeling the heat from those rising interest rates? We hear you! Headlines are buzzing, and you're likely wondering how it all impacts your mortgage plans, loan dreams, and overall financial future. But before you hit the panic button, City & County Credit Union is here to help you through this bumpy economic ride.

We'll break down the buzzwords, equip you with clear knowledge, and share practical tips to help you make informed choices. So grab your coffee (or tea, kombucha!), and let's dive in together. 

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Why Are Rates on the Rise?

Remember those rising prices we saw in 2021 and 2022? Well, they're the culprit behind today's higher interest rates. Think of it like a domino effect: when inflation starts to climb, the Federal Reserve steps in to slow things down. Their main tool? Raising the "Fed funds rate," which is basically the master switch for borrowing costs across the entire economy.

This means loan and mortgage rates, like the ones we offer at City & County Credit Union, tend to rise too. We keep a close eye on these Fed decisions to make sure our rates stay competitive and affordable. While higher rates are good for the long-term health of the economy, we know they can tighten household budgets in the short term.

The good news? This is temporary. Inflation is already starting to cool down, and experts predict the Fed will start easing up on rate hikes later this year. So, the key right now is patience and making smart financial moves, like building a budget buffer or tackling high-interest debt.  Patience and smart financial moves now can set you up for success down the road.

Why Choose City & County Credit Union?

Unlike big financial institutions, we're a not-for-profit credit union owned by our members. This means our priority is your financial well-being, not shareholder profits. That translates to significantly lower interest rates on your loans and mortgages — savings you can feel in your wallet.

But competitive rates are just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer:

  • Local service: You're not just a number here. We're your friendly financial neighbors, ready to chat about your goals and guide you one step at a time.
  • Financial education: From e-books and online calculators to one-on-one guidance, we've got the resources to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make smart money moves.
  • Classes & Workshops: Our in-person and webinar sessions cover everything from budgeting basics to credit score secrets and the home-buying journey.

When Will Rates Dip Again?

The crystal ball is a bit cloudy, but the bond market predicts the Fed will gradually lower rates by 1.5% through 2024. However, the exact timing depends on factors like elections and inflation data. Don't expect a dramatic drop back to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon. Instead, focus on patience and strategic planning to weather any economic storm.

Top Money Tips for Rising Rates

While we can't control the economic climate, we can control how we navigate it. Here are powerful tips to help you face rising rates head-on and unlock a brighter financial future.

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Boost Your Credit Score

Think of your credit score like your financial fitness level — the higher, the better. Aim for that magic 700+ mark to unlock lower interest rates and save big on loans and mortgages. Every point counts! Don't know where to start? Check your free credit report annually and address any errors. Our blog breaks down the basics and offers quick tips to boost your score. 

Consider Shorter Loan Terms

Shorter loan terms might mean slightly higher monthly payments, but they also mean less overall interest. See if a shorter term works for your budget with our free calculators.

Remember, it's a balancing act — choose a term that fits your comfort level while still saving you money in the long run. We're here to help you find the sweet spot, so don't hesitate to reach out for support. 

Build a Budget Buffer

Life throws curveballs, and rising rates can be one of them. Be prepared with an emergency fund, your financial parachute for unexpected expenses. Aim for a buffer that can cover at least 3-6 months of living expenses. Get the tips you need to build yours right away with our comprehensive resources

Prioritize High-Interest Debt

Think of high-interest debt like a heavy backpack holding you back. Credit card rates often soar above other loans, making them the biggest drain on your financial resources. Conquering them first frees up more money for your goals, like saving for a house or pursuing your passions.


Partnering With CCCU for a Brighter Financial Future

Ready to ditch the financial stress and build a solid foundation for your future? City & County Credit Union is your trusted partner, by your side every step of the way. We're more than just a lender; we're your financial friend, cheering you on as you reach your goals.

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