Be Money Savvy: How To Monitor Your Credit Score Without Hurting It

Your credit score affects your financial life, but checking it too often can hurt. Learn savvy ways to monitor your credit score safely.

Your credit score — it holds a lot of power in your financial life. From apartment applications to loan approvals, that little three-digit number carries big weight.

But did you know that constantly checking your score could actually hurt it? That's right, it's all about monitoring it the right way. 

So how do you stay on top of your credit without draining it? Not to worry, we've got you covered. At CCCU, we're all about credit score tips that really work.

Let's explore some savvy ways to keep tabs on your score so you can leverage it to unlock your financial dreams. Monitoring your credit doesn't have to be damaging if you know the inside scoop!

What Is a Credit Score and Why Is It Important?

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Your credit score is like your financial reputation. It tells lenders how good you are at managing your money and paying back what you owe.

The higher your score, the more attractive you are to lenders. That means you have a better chance of getting approved for loans and credit cards with lower interest rates. That can save you a lot of money in the long run!

So it’s important to keep an eye on your score and make sure it’s in good shape when you need to borrow money. But be careful, because some ways of checking your score can actually lower it if you do them too often.

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The Difference Between Soft and Hard Inquiries

Not all credit checks are the same. Some can lower your score, while others have no impact at all. Here’s how to tell the difference:

Hard inquiries happen when you apply for new credit — think loans, credit cards, etc. Lenders have to peek at your credit report and score to get a feel for how risky you are as a borrower. 

The problem is, too many hard inquiries in a short amount of time can make you look credit-hungry and cause your score to take a hit.

That’s why you should only apply for new credit when you really need it and shop around for the best rates within a few weeks.

Soft inquiries are when you check your own credit report or score. You can do this as often as you want without affecting your score at all. This is a great way to monitor your credit health and catch any errors or fraud. 

Methods for Checking Your Credit Score Without Impacting It

The best way to keep track of your credit score is to use soft inquiries that don’t affect your score at all. You can check your score as often as you like without worrying about lowering it. Here are some free and easy options to do that:

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With City & County Credit Union’s FREE credit score tool – SavvyMoney, you can access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips & so much more anytime and anywhere, without impacting your score! This service lets you effortlessly keep tabs on your credit health. allows you to securely access your credit reports from all three bureaus once yearly. Since you're checking your own reports, this won't affect your score at all. Review the reports and dispute any incorrect or fraudulent info - you've got the power to keep your credit true and accurate!

Credit Monitoring Services

You can also use credit monitoring services like Credit Karma, which use soft inquiries to check your score daily. These services may have monthly fees, but can be worth it for total credit peace of mind! You'll get alerts for any important changes or risks.

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Monitoring your credit score is a cornerstone of financial health. But it doesn't need to be confusing or stressful.

Your credit score opens doors for loans, credit cards, rental applications, and more. That's why keeping it in good shape is so essential. The key is checking it frequently using soft inquiries that don't impact your score.

As a CCCU member, you have free access to SavvyMoney — an invaluable tool for tracking your credit score and report. You'll get notifications about changes and personalized tips too. Using SavvyMoney allows you to watch over your credit with ease.

Healthy credit takes diligence, but with the right habits, it's very achievable. Make checking your score a regular routine and understand the difference between soft and hard inquiries. And if you ever need credit guidance, CCCU is here to help every step of the way.

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