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Welcome to the City & County Credit Union blog — your ultimate source for financial empowerment. Our expert insights, practical tips, and effective strategies will help you take charge of your finances and achieve your goals, whether it’s saving for emergencies, investing for the future, or securing a low-rate loan. Let us help you make your financial dreams a reality!

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Credit Cards

Credit 101: How To Use It Wisely and Reach Your Goals

At CCCU, we believe knowledge is power when it comes to smart money management. Let's explore how you can leverage credit as a tool to...
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Phone of customer using Apple Pay checking out
Banking, Fraud & Identity Theft

Why You Should Start Using Apple Pay

Tired of fumbling for your wallet every time you need to pay? It's time to make shopping easier and more secure with Apple Pay. This...
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Banking, Financial Empowerment

8 Ways To Avoid Overdraft Fees

Have you ever checked your bank account and realized that you spent more money than you had? If so, you’re not alone. According to NPR,...
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